[Cydia Updates] Mises à jour Cydia du 11.01.2012

date slider 2.0-1 (Tweaks)

GuizmOVPN 1.1.3 (Networking)

Slider Pro 1.9 (Tweaks)

Tracking Maze 1.0 (New/Games)

Chicks Rock Game 1.4 (Games)

Custom NC Background 0.0.3-1 (Tweaks)

Goats Flying 1.0 (New/Games)

N0Click Favorites Lite Evaluation 1.0.1-24 (New/Utilities)

SmartLock 1.2-1 (Widgets)

Goats Flying 1.0-1 (Games)

Messages+ 1.1 ($7.99/Utilities)

A messsage (Gexin) 2.3.1 (Messaging)

Bluetooth Service Manager 0.0.6 (Utilities)

iSocialShare 0.5.3-1 ($1.99/Tweaks)

UnlockFX 1.0-2 ($1.99/Tweaks)

EnhancedTabs 0.98-3 (Tweaks)

Journey Logger 2.5 (Navigation)

MathAlarm 1.0.1 (Tweaks)

MathAlarm Plus 1.0.1 (Paid/Tweaks)

TVOut2 Mirror TVOut 1.3.6 (Tweaks)

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