[Cydia Updates] Mise à jour Cydia du 6.01.2012

FREEdi YouTube Downloader 2.7a (Multimedia)

Applocker 2.0.1 (Paid/Tweaks)

Applocker SBSettings Toggle 1.0 (New/App Addons)

Dreher App 1.3.6-3 (Utilities)

Ipsum 1.1 (Tweaks)

Hands-Free Control 2.1-2 ($1.99/System)

MobileVoip 1.09.235 (Networking)

MusicCenter for NotificationCenter 2.1.2 ($1.49/Addons (NotificationCenter))

YouTube Search for NotificationCenter 1.2-1 (Addons (NotificationCenter))

Recludo 1.0 (New/Tweaks)

SuperSwitcher 1.0 (New/$0.99/Tweaks)

Checkpwn 1.0 (New/Utilities)

SuperSwitcher 1.0.1 ($0.99/Tweaks)

ThemeIconMaker 1.4.1-3 (Utilities)

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